MONSTERS OF SMOKE Bongs Article on Daily High Club Grenade Box

Article on Daily High Club Grenade Box

<br /> Article on Daily High Club Grenade Box<br />

If you are looking for a smoking subscription box that will blow your mind, you might want to check out the Daily High Club Grenade Box. This box was released in June 2019 and it is packed with explosive smoking accessories that will make your sesh more fun and patriotic.

The Daily High Club Grenade Box contains the following items:

  • Daily High Club Grenade Hammer Bubbler

    : This is the star of the box, a unique hand-blown glass bubbler shaped like a grenade. It has a 14mm male flower bowl and a carb hole on the side. It delivers smooth and flavorful hits with a splash of style.

  • Premium 14mm Male Flower Bowl

    : A clear glass bowl that fits perfectly on the grenade bubbler. It has a handle for easy lifting and a deep bowl for packing your favorite herb.

  • Wiz Khalifa Rolling Tips by RAW

    : A pack of 50 natural and unrefined rolling tips that will enhance your joint rolling experience. These tips are made by RAW in collaboration with rapper Wiz Khalifa and they have his logo printed on them.

  • Smoker Shades x DHC Assorted Red, White, or Blue Sunglasses

    : A pair of cool sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the sun and the smoke. They come in assorted colors of red, white, or blue and they have a carrying pouch with the Daily High Club logo.

  • The Original Cones™ 6 Pack Cones 1 ¼ Wide

    : A pack of six pre-rolled cones that are ready to fill and smoke. They are made of natural and unbleached paper and they have a built-in filter tip.

  • Elements King Size Slim Rolling Papers

    : A pack of 33 ultra-thin rice papers that burn slowly and evenly. They are made by Elements, a brand known for its quality and eco-friendly products.

  • Clipper USA Leaf Full-Size Lighter

    : A refillable and reusable lighter that features a removable flint that doubles as a poker. It has a USA leaf design that matches the theme of the box.

  • Glass Screen

    : A small glass piece that you can place inside your bowl to prevent ash and herb from falling through. It also helps with airflow and combustion.

  • Royal Blunts XXL Assorted Flavored Hemp Wraps

    : A pack of two hemp wraps that are flavored with natural terpenes. They come in assorted flavors such as mango tango, purple grape, and blueberry.

  • Pop Rocks Assorted Flavors

    : A pack of candy that pops and crackles in your mouth. They come in assorted flavors such as strawberry, watermelon, and tropical punch.

  • DHC Sticker Set

    : A set of stickers that feature the Daily High Club logo and some grenade-themed designs.

The Daily High Club Grenade Box is a great way to treat yourself or a friend to some awesome smoking gear. It has a value of over $100 but you can get it for only $29.99 if you subscribe to the El Primo plan or $44.99 if you buy it as a one-time purchase. You can also shop for other themed cannabis subscription boxes from Daily High Club’s website.

If you are interested in getting the Daily High Club Grenade Box or any other smoking subscription box, you can visit

and choose the plan that suits you best. You can also follow them on social media to stay updated on their latest products and promotions.</p