MONSTERS OF SMOKE Bongs HEMPER Hills Rolling Tray: A Review

HEMPER Hills Rolling Tray: A Review

If you are looking for a durable and stylish rolling tray to enhance your smoking experience, you might want to check out the HEMPER Hills Rolling Tray. This tray is designed to keep your session clear of any mess or impurities, and it features a scenic view of the hills with the HEMPER logo on it. In this article, we will review the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this rolling tray, and help you decide if it is worth buying.


  • The HEMPER Hills Rolling Tray is made of metal, which makes it sturdy and easy to clean.
  • The tray comes in three sizes: small (5″ x 7″), medium (7″ x 11.5″), and large (11″ x 14″). You can choose the size that suits your needs and preferences.
  • The tray has curved edges that prevent any spillage or waste of your herbs or papers.
  • The tray has a smooth surface that allows you to roll your joints or blunts with ease.
  • The tray has a vibrant and colorful design that adds some flair to your smoking session. The design features a green landscape of hills with the HEMPER logo on it.


  • The HEMPER Hills Rolling Tray can help you keep your smoking area neat and tidy. You can avoid making a mess on your table, couch, or floor by using this tray to roll and store your smoking materials.
  • The HEMPER Hills Rolling Tray can also help you save money and time. You can reduce the amount of herbs or papers that you waste by using this tray to catch any loose bits or crumbs. You can also save time by having everything you need in one place, instead of searching for your papers, grinder, lighter, etc.
  • The HEMPER Hills Rolling Tray can also enhance your smoking experience by adding some style and personality to it. You can enjoy the view of the hills while you roll and smoke your joints or blunts. You can also impress your friends or guests with this unique and eye-catching rolling tray.


  • The HEMPER Hills Rolling Tray may not be suitable for everyone’s taste or budget. Some people may prefer a simpler or more discreet design for their rolling tray, while others may find the price too high for a rolling tray.
  • The HEMPER Hills Rolling Tray may also not be very portable or discreet. The metal material may make it heavy or noisy to carry around, while the bright design may attract unwanted attention from others.
  • The HEMPER Hills Rolling Tray may also require some maintenance or care. The metal material may rust or scratch over time, while the design may fade or peel off with frequent use or exposure to sunlight.


The HEMPER Hills Rolling Tray is a rolling tray that offers durability, style, and convenience for smokers who like to roll their own joints or blunts. It has a metal construction, three size options, curved edges, a smooth surface, and a scenic design. It can help smokers keep their session clean, efficient, and enjoyable. However, it may also have some drawbacks, such as being unsuitable for some people’s taste or budget, being not very portable or discreet, and requiring some maintenance or care. Therefore, we recommend this rolling tray to smokers who value quality, aesthetics, and functionality over price, portability, and discretion.

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