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10″ Classic Recycler Bong

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If you are looking for a smooth and flavorful smoking experience, you might want to try a recycler bong. A recycler bong is a type of water pipe that features a recycling percolator, which allows the water and smoke to circulate through the pipe multiple times, enhancing the filtration and cooling effect. A recycler bong can be used with dry herbs or concentrates, depending on the type of bowl or nail you use.

One of the recycler bongs that you can find on is the 10″ Classic Recycler Bong. This bong is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which is durable and heat-resistant. The bong has a simple and elegant design, with a clear glass body and a colored mouthpiece and base. The bong features a 14mm female joint, a 14mm male bowl, a fixed downstem, and a recycling chamber with a showerhead percolator.

The 10″ Classic Recycler Bong works by pulling the smoke from the bowl through the downstem and into the main chamber, where it passes through the showerhead percolator. The percolator creates tiny bubbles that increase the surface area of the smoke, filtering out impurities and cooling it down. The smoke then travels up to the recycling chamber, where it is drawn back down by the water through a tube. This process repeats itself until you inhale the smoke from the mouthpiece.

The 10″ Classic Recycler Bong offers several benefits for smokers. First, it produces smooth and flavorful hits, as the smoke is constantly filtered and cooled by the water. Second, it prevents splashback, as the water stays in the recycling chamber and does not reach the mouthpiece. Third, it conserves your herbs or concentrates, as the smoke does not get stale or wasted in the pipe.

The 10″ Classic Recycler Bong is easy to use and clean. To use it, you just need to fill the main chamber with water until it covers the percolator, and then pack your bowl with your desired material. To clean it, you can use warm water and soap, or a specialized cleaning solution for glass pipes. You can also use a brush or a pipe cleaner to reach the hard-to-clean areas.

The 10″ Classic Recycler Bong is available on for €99.95 (about $113). You can choose from three colors: blue, green, or pink. The bong comes with free shipping and discreet packaging. You can also get a 10% discount if you use the code GB10 at checkout.

If you are interested in buying this recycler bong or other glass products, you can visit and browse their wide selection of bongs, dab rigs, pipes, accessories, and more. is an online headshop based in Europe that offers high-quality products at affordable prices. They also have excellent customer service and fast delivery.

So what are you waiting for? Order your 10″ Classic Recycler Bong today and enjoy a smooth and flavorful smoking experience!

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