MONSTERS OF SMOKE Bongs Animal Carb Caps: A Fun and Functional Accessory for Dabbing

Animal Carb Caps: A Fun and Functional Accessory for Dabbing

If you are a fan of dabbing, you know how important it is to have a good carb cap. A carb cap is a device that covers the nail or banger of your dab rig, creating a seal that restricts the airflow and allows you to vaporize your concentrates at lower temperatures. This enhances the flavor, potency, and efficiency of your dabs.

But why settle for a boring carb cap when you can have one that is shaped like an adorable animal? Animal carb caps are a fun and functional accessory for dabbing that will make your sessions more enjoyable and personalized. Whether you prefer a bear, a pig, or a glow-in-the-dark dog, there is an animal carb cap for you.

What are the benefits of animal carb caps?

Animal carb caps are not just cute, they are also very effective at improving your dabbing experience. Here are some of the benefits of using an animal carb cap:

  • They create a tight seal around your nail or banger, reducing the amount of air that enters the chamber. This lowers the pressure and allows you to dab at lower temperatures, preserving the terpenes and cannabinoids of your concentrates.
  • They direct the airflow inside the nail or banger, creating a vortex that spreads the concentrate evenly over the heated surface. This ensures that you vaporize all of your dab without wasting any material.
  • They prevent the vapor from escaping the nail or banger, trapping it inside until you inhale it