MONSTERS OF SMOKE Bongs How to Clean a Silicone Bong

How to Clean a Silicone Bong

Silicone bongs are becoming more popular among herb and tobacco enthusiasts because of their durability, flexibility, and affordability. Unlike glass bongs, silicone bongs are less likely to break, easier to store and transport, and cheaper to buy. However, silicone bongs also need regular cleaning to maintain their functionality and appearance. Dirty bongs can harbor bacteria, mold, and unpleasant odors that can ruin your smoking experience.

Fortunately, cleaning a silicone bong is not a difficult task. You can use some simple household items and methods to get rid of the resin and grime that accumulate inside your bong. In this blog post, we will show you how to clean a silicone bong using two different methods: soap and water, and freezer.

How to Clean a Silicone Bong Using Soap and Water

This method is the most common and straightforward way to clean a silicone bong. You will need the following items:

  • A baby bottle brush
  • Your favorite liquid dishwasher soap
  • Running water

The best time to clean a bong using this method is almost immediately after use. The resin is still soft, and you only have to deal with a thin buildup. To start cleaning your silicone bong, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Take out the herb slide and put it aside on a secure, safe place. Preferably on top of a thick hand towel or cloth to keep it from rolling over.
  2. Dump out the used bong water in the sink and let hot water run through the bong for a couple of minutes. Shake the bong to help loosen up the resin.
  3. Take your liquid soap and pour a generous amount around the inside of the smoke chamber as well as the base.
  4. Push the bottle brush inside the silicone bong and scrub the bong firmly but not too hard. Make sure to reach inside the deepest part of the bong to clear out the resin. Don’t be afraid to twist and bend your silicone bong as you clean it to ensure that the brush reaches hard-to-reach areas.
  5. You can also clean the joint using the same brush. However, do this very carefully. You don’t want to cause a tear on the joint.
  6. If your bong comes with a silicone downstem, you can use pipe cleaners to scrub the inside thoroughly.
  7. Rinse off the soap and residue thoroughly with warm water.
  8. Lay upside down on a dish rack to dry. Make sure there are no other plates beneath the bong in case you weren’t able to get rid of the smell of the resin.

How to Clean a Silicone Bong Using Your Freezer

This method is perfect for those who are too tired at the end of a good session to clean their bong. The procedure is pretty simple. Set your fridge on the coldest setting for an hour before popping in the in bong. You will need:

  • A freezer
  • A plastic bag or container
  • A blunt object (such as a spoon or a hammer)

To clean your silicone bong using this method, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Take out the glass slide or downstem.
  2. Rinse the bong thoroughly with warm water to take out any ash and other residue.
  3. Shake out the water so that it’s wet but not holding in too much water that will solidify into a block of ice. What you need is a good film of water to coat around the inner walls of the bong.
  4. Put the bong inside a plastic bag or container and seal it well.
  5. Place the bag or container in the freezer for at least 12 hours or overnight.
  6. Take out the frozen bong from the freezer and remove it from the bag or container.
  7. Use a blunt object (such as a spoon or a hammer) to gently tap on the outside of the bong. The resin should crack and fall off easily from the frozen surface of the silicone.
  8. Rinse off any remaining bits of resin with warm water.
  9. Lay upside down on a dish rack to dry.

Tips for Keeping Your Silicone Bong Clean

Cleaning your silicone bong regularly is important, but you can also take some preventive measures to keep it from getting too dirty in the first place. Here are some tips:

  • Change the bong water after every session. Stale bong water can harbor bacteria, mold, and unpleasant odors that can affect your health and taste.
  • Use a screen or a filter to prevent ash and herb particles from entering the bong. This will reduce the amount of residue that sticks to the silicone.
  • Store your silicone bong in a cool, dry, and dark place. Exposure to heat, moisture, and sunlight can degrade the silicone and make it more prone to staining and odor.
  • Use a natural or organic cleaning agent (such as vinegar, lemon juice, or baking soda) instead of harsh chemicals (such as bleach or alcohol) that can damage the silicone.


Silicone bongs are great for herb and tobacco lovers who want a durable, flexible, and affordable smoking device. However, they also require regular cleaning to keep them in good shape and provide a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. You can use soap and water or freezer methods to clean your silicone bong easily and effectively. You can also follow some tips to prevent your silicone bong from getting too dirty in the first place. Happy smoking!