MONSTERS OF SMOKE Bongs TAG – 30″ Beaker 50x9MM – 18/14MM Downstem (5.00″)

TAG – 30″ Beaker 50x9MM – 18/14MM Downstem (5.00″)

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If you are looking for a massive and durable beaker bong, look no further than the TAG – 30″ Beaker 50x9MM – 18/14MM Downstem (5.00″). This beast of a bong is made of thick and sturdy glass that can withstand high temperatures and accidental drops. It features a classic beaker shape that provides stability and a large water chamber for smooth and cool hits. The bong comes with a removable downstem that diffuses the smoke through the water, and a bowl piece that fits snugly into the 18mm female joint. The bong also has an ice pinch that allows you to add ice cubes for extra cooling and filtration. The bong has a clear glass design that lets you see the smoke and water levels, and a TAG logo on the neck that adds some style and authenticity.

The TAG – 30″ Beaker 50x9MM – 18/14MM Downstem (5.00″) is a great choice for anyone who wants a large and reliable bong that can deliver massive hits with ease. It is easy to use and clean, and can be customized with different accessories such as ash catchers, percolators, or adapters. The bong is available at

Thick Ass Glass

, an online store that specializes in high-quality glass products at affordable prices. You can get this bong for $214.99, or pay in four interest-free installments of $53.75 with Afterpay.

Here are some images of the bong:

The source of the images is Thick Ass Glass.