MONSTERS OF SMOKE Bongs What are some of the most famous and iconic glass bongs in history and culture?

What are some of the most famous and iconic glass bongs in history and culture?

Glass bongs are devices that allow users to smoke herb or tobacco through water filtration, which cools and smooths the smoke. Glass bongs come in various shapes, sizes, colors and designs, and some of them have become very popular and recognizable among smokers and collectors. In this blog post, we will review some of the most famous and iconic glass bongs in history and culture, and what makes them stand out.

Percolator Bong

A percolator bong is a type of glass bong that uses a glass filter suspended into the water chamber. The filter is responsible for breaking up and spreading out the bubbles evenly by ensuring the smoke is circulated through the water. This results in a smoother, cooler and more flavorful smoking experience. Percolator bongs can have different types of percs, such as tree, showerhead, honeycomb, turbine, etc. Percolator bongs are very popular among smokers who want to enjoy a smooth and clean hit without harshness or irritation.

One of the best percolator bong brands is Diamond Glass, which provides high quality, precision cut glass with diamond clarity. Based in Southern California, Diamond Glass uses American manufacturing and American glassblowers to create exquisite water pipes and dab rigs with various types of percs. Diamond Glass is always creating new and innovative bongs that one up any other brand with a goal of being the most reliable brand of bongs in the world. Every bong is crafted with thick, crystal clear glass with the easily recognizable “Diamond” logo and a guarantee in long lasting high quality.

Beaker Bong

A beaker bong is a type of glass bong that has a wide base shaped like a scientific beaker. The beaker shape provides more stability and water volume than a straight tube bong, which means less chance of tipping over and more filtration. Beaker bongs are also easier to clean than more complex bongs, and they offer a classic look that many smokers love. Beaker bongs are ideal for smokers who want a simple but effective bong that can deliver large hits.

One of the best beaker bong brands is Maverick Glass, which has been on the top bong brands for over 18 years. Maverick Glass focuses on creating the best bongs with impeccable functionality. Based in sunny Los Angeles, California, the beaker bongs are made with 100% American glass to show off their quality when it comes to their pieces. Maverick Glass designs multiple styles of water pipes, providing a wonderful combo of efficiency and aesthetic.

Themed Bong

A themed bong is a type of glass bong that features a specific theme or design that reflects the personality or interests of the smoker. Themed bongs can have various shapes, colors, patterns, characters, logos, etc., that make them unique and fun to use. Themed bongs are perfect for smokers who want to express themselves and enjoy a more creative smoking experience.

One of the best themed bong brands is Empire Glassworks, which has quickly gained reputation for their glasswork in five short years. Although a relatively new company, Empire Glassworks has decades of experience creating beautiful, hand crafted glass. Empire Glassworks creates amazing themed bongs like the Under the Sea Oil Rig pictured above, which features vibrant colors and creatures from the ocean. They also construct glass accessories that perfectly match any set up.

Celebrity Bong

A celebrity bong is a type of glass bong that is endorsed by or associated with a famous person or group. Celebrity bongs can have signatures, logos, images or quotes from the celebrities on them, or they can be inspired by their style or music. Celebrity bongs are great for smokers who are fans of certain celebrities or want to show off their taste in culture.

One of the best celebrity bong brands is Famous Brandz Glass, which is currently one of the largest distributors of high quality glassware. Famous Brandz Glass has signed exclusive deals with Snoop Dogg, Cheech and Chong, Guns N Roses and recently Jimmy Hendrix to create glass bongs and rigs that feature their names and images. Famous Brandz Glass also has original glass designs that are geometric bongs with beautiful colors known as the famous glass line.


Glass bongs are wonderful devices that allow smokers to enjoy herb or tobacco in a smooth and flavorful way. There are many types of glass bongs, and some of them have become very famous and iconic in history and culture. In this blog post, we reviewed some of the most famous and iconic glass bongs, such as percolator bongs, beaker bongs, themed bongs and celebrity bongs. We also mentioned some of the best brands that make these glass bongs, such as Diamond Glass, Maverick Glass, Empire Glassworks and Famous Brandz Glass. We hope you enjoyed this blog post and learned something new about glass bongs.