MONSTERS OF SMOKE Bongs K. Haring Glass Taster: A Stylish and Convenient Dry Herb Pipe

K. Haring Glass Taster: A Stylish and Convenient Dry Herb Pipe


If you are looking for a simple yet elegant way to enjoy your favorite dry herb, you might want to check out the K. Haring Glass Taster. This is a flare-style taster that features the iconic artwork of Keith Haring, a legendary artist who influenced the pop art and graffiti movements of the 1980s. The K. Haring Glass Taster is not only a beautiful piece of art, but also a functional and durable pipe that delivers pure and flavorful smoke.

What is the K. Haring Glass Taster?

The K. Haring Glass Taster is a product of the K. Haring Glass Collection, which is a collaboration between Higher Standards and the Keith Haring Foundation. The collection aims to reimagine Haring’s vibrant and expressive art into high-quality glass pipes and accessories that celebrate his legacy and style.

The K. Haring Glass Taster is one of the products in the collection, along with the K. Haring Water Pipe, the K. Haring Bubbler, the K. Haring Spoon Pipe, and the K. Haring Tray. The taster is a palm-sized pipe that has a large bowl capacity and a built-in ash catcher. It is made of shatter-proof borosilicate glass that can withstand high temperatures and resist thermal shock.

What makes the K. Haring Glass Taster stand out is the hand-applied and heat-resistant design that wraps around the pipe near the open end. The design features Haring’s signature linework and bold aesthetic, with colorful characters and symbols that represent his social activism and cultural commentary. The pipe also has the iconic K. Haring logo on the side, as well as a license agreement on the bottom.

How to Use the K. Haring Glass Taster?

The K. Haring Glass Taster is very easy to use, as it does not require any water or accessories. All you need is some ground dry herb and a lighter or a hemp wick. Here are the steps to use the taster:

  1. Fill the bowl with your desired amount of dry herb. Do not pack it too tightly or too loosely, as this can affect the airflow and combustion.
  2. Hold the pipe in your dominant hand, with your thumb covering the carb hole on the side of the bowl.
  3. Bring the pipe to your mouth and light the herb with your other hand.
  4. Inhale gently and steadily, while releasing your thumb from the carb hole to clear the smoke from the pipe.
  5. Exhale and enjoy the smooth and flavorful smoke.
  6. Tap out the ash from the bowl when you are done, or use a poker tool to clear any clogs.

How to Clean and Maintain the K. Haring Glass Taster?

To keep your K. Haring Glass Taster in optimal condition, you should clean it regularly after every few uses. This will prevent resin buildup, clogs, bad odors, and harsh smoke. Cleaning the taster is also very simple, as it only requires some basic supplies and a few minutes of your time. Here are the steps to clean the taster:

  • Gather some isopropyl alcohol (at least 91%), coarse salt, cotton swabs, paper towels, and ziplock bags.
  • Empty any remaining ash from the bowl and use a cotton swab to wipe away any loose resin.
  • Place the pipe in a ziplock bag and pour enough alcohol to submerge it completely.
  • Add some salt to act as an abrasive agent that will scrub away any stubborn resin.
  • Seal the bag and shake it vigorously for several minutes, or until you see that the pipe is clean.
  • Rinse the pipe under warm water and use a cotton swab to remove any remaining residue.
  • Dry the pipe with paper towels and let it air dry completely before using it again.

Where to Buy the K. Haring Glass Taster?

If you are interested in buying the K. Haring Glass Taster, you can find it online at various retailers that sell glass pipes and accessories. Some of these retailers include:

  • Haring Glass, which is the official website of the K. Haring Glass Collection.
  • Smokea, which is a leading online headshop that offers free shipping and rewards.
  • The Stash Shack, which is a Canadian online smoke shop that offers discreet and fast shipping.
  • The Calm Leaf, which is a US-based online store that specializes in CBD products and accessories.

The K. Haring Glass Taster usually costs around $20, which is a reasonable price for a high-quality and artistic pipe. However, you might find some discounts or deals depending on the retailer and the season.


The K. Haring Glass Taster is a great choice for anyone who appreciates art and simplicity. It is a durable and functional pipe that delivers pure and flavorful smoke, while also showcasing the unique and expressive art of Keith Haring. The taster is easy to use, clean, and maintain, and it comes in a stylish and sturdy box with foam inserts. The K. Haring Glass Taster is more than just a pipe, it is a piece of history and culture that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

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