MONSTERS OF SMOKE Bongs What is a Gravity Bong?

What is a Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong is a type of homemade bong that uses water and pressure to draw smoke into the lungs. It consists of a two-piece chamber system that nestles together—one larger chamber to hold the water and a second smaller chamber to hold the bowl and capture the smoke. As the herb is lit, gravity pulls herb smoke into the bottle using water in a container to create suction. A gravity bong is also known by various names such as GB, geeb, bucket bong, or waterfall bong.

How Does a Gravity Bong Work?

A gravity bong works by creating a vacuum between two chambers with water as a sealant in the middle. The larger chamber is usually a plastic bottle with the top cut off, and the smaller chamber is another plastic bottle with the bottom cut off and an opening for the cap at the top. A bowl with a small opening at the bottom is attached to the smaller bottle where the cap would be, filled with herb and lit.

As you pull the top chamber out of the water, it creates negative air pressure between the two chambers that pulls air through the bowl, filling the space with smoke. Gravity is what keeps the water in place at the bottom for you to pull against to create the vacuum. Once the vacuum is filled with herb smoke, the bowl is removed, and you can inhale the hit. Normal inhalation will pull the smoke out at a comfortable pace (and draw water up), but if you push down, the smoke will be forced out, assisting the hit.

Why Use a Gravity Bong?

There are many benefits to using a gravity bong. Here are some of them:

  • It’s cost-effective: You can make a gravity bong with just a few household items, such as plastic bottles, scissors, aluminum foil, and tape. You also don’t need much herb to get high, as gravity bongs produce highly concentrated smoke that fills your lungs with one hit.
  • It’s easy to make: You don’t need any special skills or tools to make a gravity bong. Just follow some simple steps and you’ll have your own DIY device in no time.
  • It’s fun: Gravity bongs are a great way to enjoy herb with your friends, as they create a lot of smoke and deliver a powerful hit that can be intense for new or low-tolerance users. You can also experiment with different sizes and shapes of bottles, or even use other liquids instead of water for different effects.

How to Make a Gravity Bong?

Making a gravity bong is easy and fun. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Gather your materials: You’ll need two plastic bottles of different sizes (one larger than the other), scissors, aluminum foil, tape, a needle or pin, and some herb.
  2. Cut off the bottoms: Cut off the bottom of both bottles using scissors. Be careful not to cut yourself on the sharp edges.
  3. Make the bowl: Take the cap of the smaller bottle and wrap it with aluminum foil. Poke some small holes on the foil using a needle or pin. This will be your bowl where you’ll put your herb.
  4. Fill up the larger bottle: Fill up the larger bottle with water almost to the top. You can use tap water or any other liquid you prefer.
  5. Assemble your gravity bong: Screw the cap with the foil bowl onto the smaller bottle. Submerge it into the larger bottle with water, leaving some space at the top for air.
  6. Pack your bowl: Put some herb into your foil bowl and light it up.
  7. Pull up slowly: As you light your herb, slowly pull up the smaller bottle out of the water. This will create a vacuum that will draw smoke into the bottle. Don’t pull it out completely or you’ll lose your smoke.
  8. Inhale and enjoy: Once your bottle is filled with smoke, unscrew the cap and put your mouth over the opening. Push down gently to force out the smoke into your lungs. Hold it in for as long as you can and exhale.

Tips and Tricks for Using a Gravity Bong

Here are some tips and tricks to make your gravity bong experience more enjoyable:

  • Clean your bottles: Before using your gravity bong, make sure to rinse your bottles with hot water and soap to remove any dirt or chemicals that might affect the taste or quality of your smoke.
  • Use a glass bowl: If you have a glass bowl that fits your bottle cap, you can use it instead of aluminum foil for a better and safer smoking experience. Aluminum foil can release harmful substances when heated, so it’s best to avoid it if possible.
  • Use a larger bottle: The larger the bottle, the more smoke you can produce and inhale. You can use a gallon jug, a bucket, or even a trash can for a massive hit.
  • Use ice water: If you want a smoother and cooler hit, you can use ice water instead of regular water for your gravity bong. This will help reduce the harshness and heat of the smoke.
  • Be careful: Gravity bongs are not for the faint of heart. They can deliver a very potent hit that can knock you out if you’re not prepared. Start with a small amount of herb and work your way up gradually. Don’t use a gravity bong if you have respiratory problems or low tolerance.


A gravity bong is a simple and effective way to enjoy herb with minimal materials and effort. It works by creating a vacuum that pulls smoke into a bottle using water and gravity. You can make your own gravity bong at home with just two plastic bottles, scissors, aluminum foil, tape, and some herb. Gravity bongs are fun and cost-effective, but they can also be very intense and overwhelming for some users. Be careful and responsible when using a gravity bong, and enjoy the high!</p