MONSTERS OF SMOKE Bongs How to Hide or Disguise a Glass Bong from Unwanted Attention or Detection

How to Hide or Disguise a Glass Bong from Unwanted Attention or Detection

A glass bong is a great way to enjoy your favorite herb or tobacco, but it can also be a source of trouble if you don’t want others to know about it. Whether you live with your parents, siblings, relatives, roommates, or anyone who might not approve of your smoking habits, you need to find a clever way to hide or disguise your glass bong so that it doesn’t draw any unwanted attention or detection. Here are some tips and tricks on how to do that.

Use Old Boxes to Hide Your Bong

One of the easiest and most inconspicuous ways to hide your bong is to use an old box that matches the size and shape of your piece. For example, you can use an old video game console box, a shoebox, or a board game box. Just make sure that the box is not too obvious or out of place in your room. You can store it in your closet, under your bed, or on a shelf among other similar items. No one will suspect that there is a glass bong inside a box that looks like it contains something else.

Use a Backpack or a Duffle Bag to Hide Your Bong

Another simple and effective way to hide your bong is to use a backpack or a duffle bag that you don’t use often. You can place your bong carefully inside the bag and then fill it with some old clothes, books, or other junk that will make it look like a normal bag. You can then hang the bag in the corner of your closet, under your desk, or behind your door. As long as the bag is not too bulky or noticeable, no one will bother to check what’s inside.

Use a Suitcase or Luggage to Hide Your Bong

If you have a suitcase or luggage that you don’t use frequently, you can use it as a hiding spot for your bong. A suitcase or luggage is usually big enough to fit most bongs and can also keep them safe and secure. You can store your suitcase or luggage under your bed, over your cabinet, in the attic, or in the basement. Just make sure that you don’t forget to unpack your bong before you go on a trip.

Use an Instrument Case to Hide Your Bong

If you are a musician or have an instrument case lying around, you can use it as a disguise for your bong. An instrument case can easily fit a bong and also blend in with your room decor. You can use a guitar case, a trumpet case, a saxophone case, or any other case that matches the size of your bong. Just make sure that you clean the case well before and after using it so that the smell doesn’t linger on.

Use a Computer Tower Case to Hide Your Bong

If you have an unused computer tower case or any non-transparent tower case, you can use it as a hiding place for your bong. A tower case can fit an entire bong and also suppress the smell. You can store the tower case in your closet, under your desk, or in any other spot where it won’t attract attention. Just make sure that you use an unused tower case or empty out an old one before storing your bong.

Use Someone Else’s House to Hide Your Bong

If none of the above options work for you, you can always hide your bong at someone else’s house. If you have a friend whose parents or partner are more open-minded towards smoking, you can ask them to keep your bong at their place. This way, you don’t have to worry about hiding it at all. Of course, this might mean that your friend will use your bong once in a while when you’re not there, but hey, sharing is caring.

Use a Shed or Garage to Hide Your Bong

A shed or garage can also be a good hiding spot for your bong if you have access to one. A shed or garage is usually less used than other parts of the house and can offer more privacy and space for your smoking sessions. You can store your bong in a toolbox, a cabinet, a shelf, or any other place where it won’t be seen easily. Just make sure that the shed or garage is dry and safe from pests and pets.


Hiding or disguising a glass bong from unwanted attention or detection can be challenging but not impossible. With some creativity and common sense, you can find a way to keep your bong safe and secure without compromising your smoking experience. Just remember to be careful and respectful of others and yourself when you smoke. Happy toking!