MONSTERS OF SMOKE Bongs Goody Cupcake Bubbler: A Sweet Treat for Your Smoking Sessions

Goody Cupcake Bubbler: A Sweet Treat for Your Smoking Sessions


If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to spice up your glass collection, you might want to check out the Goody Cupcake Bubbler from Goody Glass. This adorable water pipe is shaped like a delicious cupcake with sprinkles, frosting, and a cherry on top. But don’t let its cute appearance fool you, this bubbler packs a punch with its showerhead percolator and recessed joint that deliver smooth and flavorful hits.

The Goody Cupcake Bubbler is part of the Goody Goodies series, a collection of food and emoji inspired glass pipes that add some color and personality to your smoking routine. Each pipe features the signature Goody Glass produce sticker graphic and fun colors that make them stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re a fan of cupcakes, donuts, pizza, or emojis, there’s a Goody Goodie for you.

The Goody Cupcake Bubbler is made of high-quality borosilicate glass that can withstand high temperatures and everyday use. It stands at 5 inches tall and has a 10mm female joint that comes with a matching cherry bowl that holds your dry herb. The bowl has a handle for easy removal and cleaning, and fits snugly into the recessed joint that prevents water from splashing into your mouth. The showerhead percolator at the base of the cupcake filters and cools down the smoke as it bubbles through the water, creating a smooth and satisfying experience.

The Goody Cupcake Bubbler is easy to use and clean, thanks to its simple design and ergonomic shape. To use it, simply fill the cupcake base with water until it covers the percolator holes, pack your herb into the cherry bowl, light it up, and inhale from the mouthpiece at the top of the frosting. To clean it, empty the water and ash, rinse it with warm water and soap, or use your preferred glass cleaner. You can also soak it in alcohol or vinegar to remove any stubborn residue.

The Goody Cupcake Bubbler is a great addition to any glass lover’s collection, as it combines functionality, quality, and style in one sweet package. It’s also a perfect gift for anyone who loves cupcakes and cannabis, or just wants to have some fun with their smoking sessions. You can find the Goody Cupcake Bubbler online at various retailers, such as HEMPER, Goody Glass, Head Candy Smoke Shop, Hara Brands, and DopeBoo