MONSTERS OF SMOKE Bongs HEMPER – Back to School Essentials Bundle

HEMPER – Back to School Essentials Bundle


If you’re looking for a way to stock up on your favorite cleaning and smoking products before the new semester starts, you might want to check out the HEMPER – Back to School Essentials Bundle. This awesome bundle includes everything you need to make your smoking sessions lit and efficient, whether you prefer dry herb or concentrates. Plus, you’ll save some money by buying this bundle instead of getting each item separately. Here’s what you’ll get in this bundle:

  • Assorted Isoplex – Cleaning & Concentrate Tool Station

    : This handy station is a must-have for any dabber. It features a silicone container with four compartments for storing your concentrates, a built-in dab tool holder, and a removable lid that doubles as a cleaning pad. You can use the lid to wipe off any excess residue from your dab tool or nail, and then store it back on the container. The Isoplex station also comes with a bottle of 99% isopropyl alcohol for easy cleaning.

  • Assorted Keeper

    : The Keeper is a versatile storage device that can hold your dry herb, pre-rolls, or concentrates. It has a dual-sided design with two separate compartments, each with its own lid and seal. The Keeper is made of durable plastic and has a sleek and discreet appearance. You can use it to keep your stash fresh and odor-free, or to transport it safely and securely.

  • Assorted Medium 10ct Smell Proof Bags

    : These smell proof bags are perfect for storing or carrying your herb or concentrates without attracting unwanted attention. They are made of high-quality material that blocks any odor from escaping, and they have a ziplock closure for easy access. Each bag can hold up to 3.5 grams of herb or 1 gram of concentrate, and they come in assorted colors and designs.

  • HEMPER Tech Spray

    : This spray is a powerful cleaner that can remove any sticky residue or buildup from your glass pieces, dab rigs, nails, tools, or vaporizers. It contains natural ingredients that are safe and effective, and it has a pleasant citrus scent. You can use it to spray down your smoking devices before or after each use, or to soak them for a deeper cleaning.

  • Assorted HEMPER JCase

    : The JCase is a convenient and stylish way to store or carry your pre-rolls or joints. It has a hard-shell exterior that protects your rolls from getting crushed or damaged, and a soft foam interior that holds them in place. The JCase can fit up to six standard-sized pre-rolls or joints, and it has a magnetic closure for easy opening and closing. It also comes in assorted colors and designs.

  • HEMPER Tech – Full Cleaning Kit

    : This kit contains everything you need to keep your glass pieces sparkling clean and ready for use. It includes two packs of HEMPER Tech Snapcap Alcohol Swabs, which are pre-moistened with 70% isopropyl alcohol and have a snap-off cap that releases the alcohol when needed. You can use them to wipe down any hard-to-reach areas of your glass pieces, such as the bowl, stem, mouthpiece, or percolator. The kit also includes one pack of HEMPER Tech Pipe Cleaners, which are flexible and durable brushes that can scrub away any stubborn residue or grime from your glass pieces. You can use them to clean the inside of your glass pieces, such as the downstem, joint, or chamber. Finally, the kit includes one pack of HEMPER Tech Hempwick, which is a natural alternative to using a lighter or torch for lighting your herb. It is made of organic hemp and beeswax, and it produces a clean and smooth flame that enhances the flavor and aroma of your herb.

The HEMPER – Back to School Essentials Bundle is a great deal for anyone who wants to upgrade their smoking experience with high-quality products that are easy to use and maintain. You can order this bundle online from

for only \$49.99 (regular price \$69.99), but hurry up because this offer won’t last long!

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