MONSTERS OF SMOKE Bongs How to Smoke a Bong?

How to Smoke a Bong?

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If you are looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite herb or tobacco, you might want to try smoking a bong. A bong is a water pipe that filters and cools the smoke, making it smoother and more flavorful. Smoking a bong can also help you conserve your herb or tobacco, as you only need a small amount to get a satisfying hit. In this blog post, we will show you how to smoke a bong step by step, and give you some tips and tricks to make the most of your experience.

What You Need

Before you start smoking a bong, you will need the following items:

  • A bong. You can find bongs in different shapes, sizes, and materials, such as glass, ceramic, metal, or plastic. Choose one that suits your budget and preference. Make sure it has a bowl, a stem, and a mouthpiece.
  • An herb or tobacco of your choice. You can use any kind of dried herb or tobacco that you like, such as mint, lavender, chamomile, or of course, the classic herb that rhymes with “pot”. Just make sure it is finely ground and free of seeds and stems.
  • A lighter or a hemp wick. You will need something to ignite your herb or tobacco in the bowl. You can use a regular lighter, but some people prefer using a hemp wick, which is a natural and organic alternative that produces less butane and ash.
  • A grinder. A grinder is a device that helps you break down your herb or tobacco into smaller pieces, which will make it easier to pack and burn in the bowl. You can use an electric grinder, a manual grinder, or even a pair of scissors.
  • A screen. A screen is a small piece of metal or glass that you place in the bowl to prevent your herb or tobacco from falling into the water. You can buy screens at any smoke shop, or make your own from aluminum foil.
  • Water. You will need some water to fill the base of the bong. You can use tap water, filtered water, or even ice water for extra cooling.

How to Smoke a Bong

Once you have everything ready, follow these steps to smoke a bong:

  1. Fill the base of the bong with water until it covers the bottom of the stem. You don’t want to fill it too much or too little, as this will affect the airflow and the filtration. A good rule of thumb is to fill it until the water level is about an inch above the stem.
  2. Place the screen in the bowl and pack it with your herb or tobacco. Don’t pack it too tightly or too loosely, as this will affect the burning and the draw. A good rule of thumb is to fill it until it is slightly above the rim of the bowl.
  3. Insert the stem into the base of the bong and make sure it is secure. You don’t want any air leaks or water spills.
  4. Hold the bong in one hand and place your mouth over the mouthpiece. Make sure you form a tight seal with your lips.
  5. Light your lighter or hemp wick and hold it over the bowl. As you do this, inhale slowly and steadily through your mouth. You will see the smoke travel from the bowl, through the stem, into the water, and up to the chamber.
  6. When you have enough smoke in the chamber, remove your mouth from the mouthpiece and hold your breath for a few seconds. This will allow the smoke to enter your lungs and deliver its effects.
  7. Exhale slowly and enjoy the smooth and flavorful smoke.

Tips and Tricks

To make your bong smoking experience even better, here are some tips and tricks:

  • Clean your bong regularly. This will prevent resin buildup, bacteria growth, and bad odors. You can use rubbing alcohol, salt, and hot water to clean your bong thoroughly.
  • Change your water frequently. This will ensure optimal filtration and cooling of the smoke. You can also experiment with different liquids, such as juice, tea, or soda, for different flavors.
  • Add some ice cubes to the chamber or use an ice catcher if your bong has one. This will make the smoke even cooler and smoother.
  • Try different herbs or tobaccos for different effects and tastes. You can also mix them together for unique blends.
  • Be careful not to inhale too hard or too fast, as this can cause you to cough or choke on the smoke. Start with small hits and work your way up.
  • Share your bong with your friends, but be respectful and hygienic. Don’t hog the bong, don’t slobber on the mouthpiece, and don’t burn the entire bowl in one hit.


Smoking a bong is a fun and easy way to enjoy your herb or tobacco. It can also enhance the effects and the flavor of your smoke. All you need is a bong, some water, and your favorite herb or tobacco. Follow the steps above and you will be smoking a bong like a pro in no time. Happy smoking!