MONSTERS OF SMOKE Bongs Where to Buy a Bong?

Where to Buy a Bong?

If you are looking for a smooth and enjoyable way to smoke your favorite herbs or tobacco, you might want to consider buying a bong. A bong, also known as a water pipe, is a device that filters and cools the smoke through water, resulting in less harshness and more flavor. Bongs come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and designs, so finding the perfect one for your needs and preferences can be a fun and rewarding experience. In this blog post, we will give you some tips on where to buy a bong online, what to look for in a quality bong, and how to use and maintain your bong properly.

Where to Buy a Bong Online?

One of the best places to buy a bong online is, the world’s largest online headshop. Grasscity offers a huge selection of bongs and water pipes from the biggest brands in the business, such as Roor, Grace Glass, Black Leaf, and more. You can browse their full range of bongs and water pipes by type, material, size, color, price, and rating. Whether you are looking for a classic glass bong, a durable acrylic or silicone bong, a unique ceramic or bamboo bong, or a percolator bong with extra diffusion and cooling power, you will find it at Grasscity. They also offer free shipping on orders over $50 and discreet packaging for your privacy.

Another great place to buy a bong online is Smoke Cartel, an online retailer of high-quality glass pipes and accessories. Smoke Cartel has an impressive collection of water pipes that cater to every style and budget. You can shop by perc or size to find the pipe of your dreams. They have beaker bongs, straight tube bongs, recycler bongs, dab rigs, bubblers, and more. They also have a GlassGuard Guarantee program that protects your piece from accidental damage or breakage. Smoke Cartel offers free shipping on all orders within the US and Canada and excellent customer service.

What to Look for in a Quality Bong?

When buying a bong online, there are some factors that you should consider to ensure that you get a quality product that suits your needs. Here are some of them:

  • Bong Material: The most common material used for making bongs is borosilicate glass, which is durable, heat-resistant, and easy to clean. Glass bongs also offer the purest flavor and do not release any harmful chemicals when heated. However, glass bongs can be fragile and expensive, so they are not ideal for travel or outdoor use. If you are looking for a more portable and affordable option, you might want to check out acrylic or silicone bongs. These materials are flexible, unbreakable, and non-toxic. They also come in various colors and designs that make them fun and convenient. However, they might not offer the same level of smoothness and taste as glass bongs. If you want something more natural and traditional, you can opt for ceramic or bamboo bongs. These materials are sturdy and reliable but require more care and cleaning.
  • Bong Size: The size of your bong affects its performance and portability. Larger bongs tend to hold more water and smoke in the base, allowing for bigger and smoother hits. However, they also require more lung power and space to use. Smaller bongs are easier to handle and transport but might not deliver the same level of filtration and cooling as larger ones. The ideal size of your bong depends on your personal preference and how often you plan to use it.
  • Bong Design: The design of your bong affects its functionality and aesthetics. There are many types of bongs available on the market today with different features that enhance your smoking experience. Some of the most popular ones are:
    • Beaker Bongs: These are classic water pipes with a wide bottom that offers increased stability and water capacity. They are easy to use and clean but might not offer much percolation or diffusion.
    • Straight Tube Bongs: These are simple water pipes with a straight cylindrical shape that offer quick and powerful hits. They are also easy to use and clean but might be prone to tipping over.
    • Percolator Bongs: These are water pipes that feature one or more percolators (percs) inside the chamber that break up the smoke into smaller bubbles, increasing the surface area and contact with water. This results in more filtration, cooling, and flavor. There are many types of percs, such as honeycomb, tree, showerhead, turbine, and more. Percolator bongs offer smoother and cooler hits but might be harder to clean and more expensive.
    • Recycler Bongs: These are water pipes that feature a secondary chamber that recycles the water and smoke back to the main chamber, creating a continuous loop of filtration and cooling. This also prevents any splashback or water from reaching your mouth. Recycler bongs offer the smoothest and most flavorful hits but might be more complex and fragile.

How to Use and Maintain Your Bong?

Using and maintaining your bong properly is essential for getting the most out of your smoking experience. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Using Your Bong: To use your bong, you will need some herbs or tobacco, a grinder, a lighter, and some water. First, grind your herbs or tobacco finely and pack them into the bowl of your bong. Then, fill the base of your bong with enough water to cover the downstem (the tube that connects the bowl to the chamber). Next, place your mouth over the mouthpiece of your bong and light the bowl with your lighter. As you inhale, the smoke will travel through the water and into the chamber. When you are ready to take a hit, remove the bowl or lift the carb (the hole on the side of the bong) to clear the smoke from the chamber. Enjoy!
  • Maintaining Your Bong: To keep your bong clean and functional, you should rinse it with hot water after every use and deep clean it regularly with alcohol and salt. To deep clean your bong, you will need some rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol), coarse salt, ziplock bags, and pipe cleaners. First, disassemble your bong and place each piece in a separate ziplock bag. Then, pour some alcohol and salt into each bag and shake them vigorously to remove any residue or buildup. Next, rinse each piece with hot water and use pipe cleaners to scrub any hard-to-reach areas. Finally, let each piece air dry completely before reassembling your bong.


Bongs are great devices for smoking herbs or tobacco with enhanced smoothness and flavor. They come in different materials, sizes, designs, and prices to suit every smoker’s needs and preferences. You can buy a bong online from reputable retailers like or Smoke Cartel that offer a wide range of quality products and services. To use your bong properly, you will need some basic accessories like a grinder, a lighter, and some water. To maintain your bong properly, you will need some alcohol, salt, ziplock bags, and pipe cleaners. By following these tips, you can enjoy your bong for a long time.