MONSTERS OF SMOKE Bongs Why You Need a Bubbler Water Pipe?

Why You Need a Bubbler Water Pipe?

Why You Need a Bubbler Water Pipe?

If you are looking for a smoking device that offers the benefits of a water pipe or a bong, but with the portability and convenience of a hand pipe, then you might want to consider getting a bubbler water pipe. A bubbler is a type of water pipe that is smaller and handheld, and can be used to smoke dry herbs or tobacco. In this blog post, we will explain what a bubbler is, how it works, and why you need one.

What is a Bubbler?

A bubbler is a simple water pipe that consists of three essential components: a bowl, a chamber with water, and a mouthpiece. It can look like a pipe, a mini-bong, or a combination of both. The bowl is where you pack your herb or tobacco, and it can be either built-in or detachable. The chamber is where the water is stored, and it can have different shapes and sizes. The mouthpiece is where you inhale the smoke from, and it can be straight or bent.

The main feature that distinguishes a bubbler from other water pipes is the percolator or diffuser. This is a device that breaks up the smoke into smaller bubbles as it passes through the water, creating more surface area for the smoke to interact with the water. This process cools and filters the smoke, making it smoother and less harsh on your throat and lungs.

How to Use a Bubbler?

Using a bubbler is very easy and similar to using a regular pipe or bong. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Fill the chamber with some water, but not too much. You want to have enough water to cover the bottom of the stem or the percolator, but not so much that it splashes into your mouth when you inhale.
  2. Pack the bowl with your herb or tobacco of choice, but not too tightly. You want to have enough airflow for the smoke to travel through.
  3. Light up the bowl with a lighter or a hemp wick, and inhale through the mouthpiece. As you do so, the smoke will travel down the stem or the percolator, into the water chamber, and then up to your mouth.
  4. Exhale and enjoy the smooth and flavorful hits.

Why You Need a Bubbler?

There are many reasons why you might want to get a bubbler for your smoking sessions. Here are some of them:

  • A bubbler offers better filtration and cooling than a dry pipe. The water in the chamber helps to remove some of the tar, ash, and toxins from the smoke, as well as lower its temperature. This results in cleaner and cooler hits that are easier on your throat and lungs.
  • A bubbler is more portable and discreet than a bong. A bubbler is smaller and lighter than a bong, which makes it easier to carry around and store. You can also use less water and herb or tobacco in a bubbler than in a bong, which makes it more economical and less wasteful.
  • A bubbler is more versatile and fun than a pipe or a bong. A bubbler can function as both a dry pipe and a water pipe, depending on whether you add water or not. You can also choose from different styles and designs of bubblers, such as hammer bubblers, sidecar bubblers, standing bubblers, recycler bubblers, etc. Each one has its own unique features and advantages.

Where to Buy a Bubbler?

If you are interested in buying a bubbler for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you can find many options online at various websites that sell smoking accessories. Some of them are: